Pure Alkaline Water Drops with Bioavailable Coral Calcium Product Reviews

Here are just a few of the product reviews we have received from our clients about our Pure Alkaline Water Drops with Bioavailable Coral Calcium. 

Lorraine Gulf of Helena, Montana
Nice Taste & Mineral Boost

Your Pure Alkaline Water Drops are precisely what I was looking for and needed. They add a nice taste to my filtered water and also gives me a mineral boost. I very much love how in-depth your website is, and the customer service that I received was second to none. I have and will continue to recommend your Natural Home Cures line of products to everyone I meet, and I love the extra kickbacks I receive with your referral affiliate program.

5 stars Lorraine Gulf of Helena, Montana


Emma Anderson of Colinton, Alberta
Love Your Pure Alkaline Water Drops But Wished They Were Less Expensive

I love your Pure Alkaline Water Drops but wished they were less expensive say $9.95 with free shipping. Also, the name of the product is a little misleading. Pure Alkaline Water "Drops" sounds to me that they would be liquid drops that you place in water and come to find out they are sachets.

When I spoke to your client support, which by the way, I was blown away by Brian and Corey as they offered me unbelievable service. They informed me they switched the formulation from a liquid drop to a sachet for ease of use so folks would not have to carry around bottles of liquid but instead sachets. I guess that makes sense, but then you should call it Pure Alkaline Water Sachets.

I recently found out that you offer a line of health products and have since tried both. My preference is for the Freeze Dried Nopal Capsules and Prickly Pear Drops and of course the Mangosteen Soap - that smells so divine.

Overall a great product, unbeatable customer service and as stated I wish the price were a little better.

Pure Alkaline Water Drops 4 Stars Emma Anderson of Colinton, Alberta



Beverly Howe
Rated The "Best" By People Whose Opinions Mattered Most To Me

I started consuming your Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops on a recommendation of a friend, as well as reading several reviews. They were rated the "best" by people whose opinions mattered most to me.

Now I already drink reversed osmoses water, and I know I need electrolytes and minerals that your drops offer. I've been using them now for several months, and I can't imagine being without them. Both my husband and I take them and even give the water to our dogs, cats, and birds who all seem to be in better spirits.

You asked me to mention in my review of anything that I can think that I would like to see improved or changed and to be honest I can't think of one thing, so that means your doing a good job.

Pure Alkaline Water Drops 4 StarsBeverly Howe of Toronto, Ontario



George Willingham of Keymar, Maryland
No More Pain, More Flexibility & Joint Mobility

I was asked to give a review of your Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops with Bioavailable Coral Calcium from the Australian Coral Sea.

I found your website by doing a Google search for "Alkalinity." I was blown away by the amount of well-researched information and the various third parties you link to support the validation of your claims. I can not think of any website that offers the caliber of content you do on this subject.

After spending something like 5 hours going through your website and knowing I was not even close to being finished reading all the information, I decided to call your company as I had a few questions.

I got your voicemail and left a message, figuring I wouldn't hear back from you as I experience with most companies. But to my surprise within 20 minutes I received a call from Daniel even apologizing to me they missed my call - WOW!!!

We spent a good half hour talking, and she answered all of my questions in a very detailed and understandable manner leading me to ask a few times if she was the owner. I come to find out that all the telephone operators have the same mind-blowing knowledge as Daniel.

During the conversation, I explained that I suffered from diabetes and arthritis pain and knew about alkalizing the body, but I didn't believe the drops alone would help.

Daniel pointed me to another of your products called Freeze Dried Nopal Capsules and Prickly Pear Drops and told me how they were meant to work together.

Daniel informed me that it was essential to alkalize the body with the Pure Alkaline Water Drops, therefore, reducing the acidity and that was the function of the drops. While the restorative properties of the nopal would assistant with joint pain, flexibility, and blood sugar support.

I decided to order your nopal and Pure Alkaline Drops and give them a try. I am so happy that I did. 

While I am not able to say whether it was the Pure Alkaline Water Drops or the nopal which resolved my issues or the combination of both? The fact that I have no more pain, more flexibility and joint mobility and my blood sugar while still needing improvement has certainly come along ways in the total of 4 months - there is no question in my mind your products do work, and you have a customer for life.

Pure Alkaline Water Drops 4 StarsVernon Dozier of Langley, British Columbia


Shelly Summers of Plainfield, New Jersey
Presto! I Now Have My Minerals

My family purchased a reverse osmosis water filter system a few years ago and found that not only did the system remove harmful chemicals, but it removed healthy minerals as well. I've been looking for something that would easily add healthy minerals back into the filtered water.

I came across your Pure Alkaline Water Drops, and I'm so happy with the product! I just add a sachet to the 3 quarts of water and presto I now have my minerals.

Pure Alkaline Water Drops 4 StarsShelly Summers of Plainfield, New Jersey


Complete Ripoff & Your A Fraud!

Hello, I am not sure if you remember my review on the Amazon website or was it eBay?

I initially ordered your First Time Client offering of mangosteen to try to address my diabetes and carpal tunnel syndrome. Your website was just excellent, your customer service was second to none, and you promptly returned my money as per your refund guarantee at that time of my request.

When I first took your mangosteen within a matter of a couple of days, I was absolutely and utterly sick to the point I thought I was going to die.

Now I could not prove there was anything wrong with your mangosteen, but I do know it made me sick.

You told me to get a pH tester to test the alkalinity of my body and found out I was 6.9

I was both shocked and horrified to the point, I thought I was going to die - I remember researching this very topic and that anything below a pH of 7.0 was death.

I soon discovered that the reason I was sick from your mangosteen was my body was detoxing which is a good thing only I did not understand what was happening.

Now with the help of the owner, he suggested I change my diet, stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol and soda, stop eating fast food and unhealthy snacks while drinking Pure Alkaline Water Drops for 60 days. 

I also began a small exercise routine mostly of walking up and down as much as I could.

This was no easy task to do all that, but I did the very best I could, and after 60 days my pH was up about 7.3. I started to consume your Freeze Dried Mangosteen capsules of two capsules every 6 hours for three consecutive months.

It was at this time I noticed my pH was 7.5, my pain which I have been suffering for some years was gone, my blood sugar numbers have normalized, my energy is through the roof, and people say I look younger by 20 years.

I am so very sorry that I called your company a scam as no one ever talks about pH and so I didn't have any idea that acidity was the cause of my distress.

It makes me wonder how many people walk around with toxic sludge in their bodies just waiting to take their last breath due to acidity?

5 stars Carolyn Wilson of Saint Paul, Minnesota


Slick Snake Oil Salesmen & Hot Air B.S.

I want to tell you that you were right and I am so glad I took a second shot with your company.

Initially, I ordered your Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen Capsules and Mangosteen Acai Berry Soap for my Psoriasis and after taking it for a little over two weeks became sick and immediately stopped.

It took another couple of weeks before I could get over this sickness before calling your calling demanding my money back. I was asked to have my pH level tested. I thought this was a way of you folks getting around giving me back my refund.

But I did, and a friend who is a naturopath and one of your sellers told me my pH was 7.1, and my body was acidic and may be the case of my Psoriasis.

He gave me a package of your Pure Alkaline Water Drops, and I started to drink as much water as I could expecting nothing to happen, but I had nothing to lose.

Well, the strangest thing happened, and that was my psoriasis started to clear up after dealing with this for the past ten years and my pH is now 7.51. I must admit I made some small changes to my diet which I am sure also helped.

I went back on your mangosteen pills and soap and can happily report that snake oil that I thought you were selling turned out to be the cure for my psoriasis. I am sorry that I called you the very mean words that I did about your product and your company.

5 stars Marsha Keller of Greensboro, North Carolina



Jeff Bozer of Queens, New York
Wow! What An Amazing Combination Of Products

My father and I were suffering from mental brain fog and forgetfulness in my case to the onset of Dementia leading to Alzheimer's in his case.

I started learning about pH, and the results acidity plays in the brain. If we can improve our pH and become more alkaline, then our bodies will not have the toxic sludge to deal with therefore we will not feel as tired or have the brain fog we are experiencing.

I also learned that you had a combination offer for first-time clients that included the Freeze Dried Nopal Capsules, Prickly Pear Drops, and Pure Alkaline Water Drops plus I wanted to have some of your Mangosteen Acai Berry Soap for my wife and my mother.

I put my order in and was surprised with how quickly it arrived.

I started consuming your products, and I would say within a few weeks I was noticing a difference.

Now my father is from the old school. If the doctor didn't prescribe it, it's not worth taking. After all, he believes a doctor would only ever prescribe medication if it was needed and his school of thought is medication will cure the disease or why would the doctor prescribe it?

Have you ever known medication to heal someone? No, me neither so I started to fill up his water using your Pure Alkaline Water Drops and see if he would notice a difference.

Sure enough within a few weeks both mom, and I started to see he was happier, more talkative and seemed to have more energy, in fact, my stubborn old dad has now admitted he's feeling better...

He has started taking your Freeze Dried Nopal and Prickly Pear Drops, and mom loves the Mangosteen Acai Berry Soap. Mom is also taking the products too and feels better than she has felt in years.

I can't say your products have resolved his dementia but if its any indication we are indeed on the right path and will update you when I have new information.

5 stars Jeff Bozer of Queens, New York


I Can't Believe I've Been Scammed After All Of These Years

I want to thank your company for such a fantastic resource website devoted to alkalinity, bottled water, coral calcium, and pH. Now at first, I have to admit when I read the shocking reports about Nestle and their bottled water, I believed you were trying to trash talk your competitor to embellish just how wonderful your product is.

But after doing further research, I now come to find out that Nestle has continually gotten away with defrauding people with no punishment whatsoever. So much for the consumer protection branch of the government.

I can't believe that Nestle is making it appear through false advertising that you are buying and paying a premium for pure, clean, glacier mountain water with a high pH when in fact what your getting is nothing more than city tap water in a plastic bottle which is leaching plastic into the water.

I can't begin to tell you how many thousands of dollars I paid thinking I was giving my family healthier water when all I was doing was pouring good money down the sink.

What also hit home is that I have been consuming Coral Calcium for years and getting it from a pretty prestigious company who sources their coral from the Okinawa.

Little to my surprise I'm now just learning about the nuclear meltdown and the leaching of radiation isotopes into the Okinawa water, so I no longer buy my coral calcium from them.

I also use a Brita water jug and leave your sachet in the water. My family have all reported more energy, I don't have the brain fog like I use to, my touch of gout has almost cleared up and my wife says her menopausal conditions have vastly improved. I even noticed our old dog not limping as he used too.

5 starsFrank Morris of San Antonio, Texas


Scottie Fitzgerald of Tilehurst, England
Works Unbelievably Well For Any pH Imbalance

Your Pure Alkaline Water Drops is a life-changing product to anyone who has an acidic pH (which is anyone with chronic illness).

However, if your diet is still terrible. I.e., eating fried foods, drinking sugary drinks, alcohol, overloading on carbs or grains or smoking all the time then don't expect much results from this product. This is not a magic cure, but it does a fantastic job of balancing the body out.

Does this stuff work? Yes. Absolutely. What does it do? Helps your body balance itself in the case of acute or chronic acidity. Keep feeding it poisons, and you’ll continue to be sick.

Pure Alkaline Water Drops 4 Stars Frank Morris of San Antonio, Texas


 Right Product Sold By The Wrong Company

You asked me to give you a testimonial about the dealings with your firm.

I visited your website and liked what it had to say, so I placed a telephone order and spoke to a man by the name of Joshua Miller. I found him knowledgeable, professional and courteous.

When I asked how long it will take for delivery; he replied one week to California. Seriously, a week is a little too long as Amazon can do it in 2 days - why can't you? Joshua did inform me you offer express shipping which is two days but its an additional $39.95.

I find that misleading as you say you offer free shipping, but then you tell me you're charging me $39.95 if I want it delivered in two days. If it's free shipping, you should let your customer dictate the terms of shipping. In my case, it should have been here the next morning.

I decided to go with the free shipping and received my order in 4 days. However, to my dismay, I received only 3 of the 4 packages I ordered.

I called and asked to speak to Joshua who was dealing with another customer and I was asked to hold, or the gal who took my call could assist me.

I told the gal, I will not hold, and it's best that Joshua put the other caller on hold and take my call immediately as I am not accustomed to ever waiting on hold for anyone.

The gal said she could not do that but attempted to butt her nose into the reason for my call, and I informed her it was none of her business.

This was when I was transferred to a supervisor, I believe his name was Cody or Corey, and quite frankly they should have just put me through to the owner as I am not going to waste my time repeating myself to a subordinate.

In speaking with the manager, he apologized for the mistake, and he said he would send not one, but two, Pure Alkaline Water Drops out via postal priority the same day. I asked how long will it take to arrive and he said in 2 to 3 days.

I am greatly offended by the fact you did not overnight me the two packages as this was your mistake and also refund all of my money. Nevertheless, it was late in the day, and I had a social to get to so I left it at that and received the second shipment in 3 days.

Despite the poor quality customer service, shipping error that was made and the audacity to expect me to hold while Joshua finishes his call with another customer. Your Pure Alkaline Water Drops do work as expected and I could not be pleased with the product itself.

While I drink imported glass bottled water, it does enhance the taste of my water, and I know I am getting all of my minerals which are important. I feel more energized, and my headaches have drastically diminished while I still have hypertension. I will continue to use this product.

This is the right product sold by the wrong company. I hope you will be sending me free product for the time I have taken to write this review.

I hereby permit you to publish my review "as is" on one website and only on the main website. Any further use of this review will be considered only after consultation and compensation for the use and publication of this review.

Pure Alkaline Water Drops 2 StarsMrs. Webber IV of Oceanfront Pacific Palisades, California


Pure Alkaline Water Drops Is Amazing

My wife was diagnosed with having MRSA and discovered that alkaline water in addition to coral calcium was helping others who suffer from the same condition. After trying this water for only a few weeks, I can tell you that she has much more energy and no longer lethargic. Also, her painful nights and discomfort are starting to vanish.

For myself, I'm a Gulf War Veteran who suffers from PTSD, CFS, and Fibromyalgia. Whenever I take supplements and herbs, it usually takes a very long time (if at all) to see any results.

However, it seems like your Pure Alkaline Water Drops are giving me better results with the supplements I have been taking lately. My Chronic Fatigue while still noticeable is starting to go away. I am beginning to think more clearly and have more energy.

Update: It's been a little over two months, since starting out on your Freeze Dried Nopal Powder Capsules and Prickly Pear Drops, and I would say I am no longer feeling stress, my chronic fatigue has pretty much cleared up. I am hopeful that I will see a little better results in my Fibromyalgia in the coming weeks and my wife is amazed at how well both your water and pills work.

Natural Home Cures products have become a permanent part of our lives.

Lastly, the customer service is beyond amazing; there is just nothing like it. Not only do they treat us like valued customers but more like down-home family that only southern folks know.

Pure Alkaline Water Drops 4 StarsJerry Ross of Biloxi, Mississippi


I Have Mixed Feelings About The Effectiveness Of Your Product

When I called Natural Home Cures asking about how your Pure Alkaline Water Drops can address my pain, inflammation, diabetes, and weight issues I was told that I needed to stop smoking, and reduce my alcohol consumption, start exercising and eating a more proper balanced diet. So if I am doing all of this then why do I need your products?

One thing that irritated me was your sales representative although pleasant and very informative; informed me, I should also be taking your Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Nopal Powder Capsules and Prickly Pear drops.

The one thing I hate is calling a company and being sold more products than I needed or called about. Now in his defense, it did make a lot of sense, and he did tell me about your Money Back Guarantee.

My husband encouraged me to go ahead and place the order for the larger package which works out to around $1/day for each person who is consuming the alkaline drops, nopal cactus pills, and nopal cactus drops. I think this is a little pricey for nutritional products, but I bit the bullet and went along with it.

Approximately six weeks into our order I found your products did nothing for me. Now, it should be noted, I was only taking them once or twice a week and never consistent.

My husband, on the other hand, was using your products religiously and drinking gallons, and I do mean gallons of your Pure Alkaline Water Drops and his results were remarkable.

Before consuming your product he had memory issues (brain fog), he was lethargic, some mild pains in his feet and arms, plus he could stand to lose a couple of extra pounds.

After six weeks my husband started to look younger, he certainly had more energy, he stopped taking his pain medication altogether, his cognitive performance vastly improved, he's lost I think about 5 lbs, and he told me he's hooked on your company.

My concern is that the doctor has informed us these were placebos. Your products have no scientific validation, and when I showed him the website, he said he doesn't have time for unsubstantiated claims. He encouraged us to stop taking your products and immediately go back to the nine prescriptions he has written.

After the conversation with our doctor, my husband has never been back. I am starting back on your products to see if I experience the same results as my husband.

If this works for me, then the only thing I would like to see changed is the prices are lowered. Outside of that your customer service, free and fast shipping, and offers are excellent as is the quality of information on your website.

Pure Alkaline Water Drops 4 StarsLois & Bruce Farmsworth Eugene, Oregon


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