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Your Outlook On Alzheimer's May Change For The Better

Hello, my name is Dr. Deborah Peterson, and I am a Chief Medical Researcher at the National Brain Institute.  Before I share with you the latest academic, medical and scientific breakthroughs in the world of Alzheimer's, let's define Alzheimer's from a medical perspective. 

What is Alzheimer's?


Alzheimer's,(1*)  also known as "Senile Dementia of the Alzheimer Type" (SDAT) is a brain disorder named after the German psychiatrist and neuropathologist Alois Alzheimer,(2*)  who first recognized the disease in 1906.

Over the past century, scientists have studied a great deal about degenerative dementia - Alzheimer's is the most common form, and it is a terminal disease.(3*)

It is a term for memory loss  and other cognitive disabilities. Alzheimer's currently accounts for 50% to 80% of dementia cases.(4*) In the majority of patients, Alzheimer's is diagnosed among seniors or those over the age of 65; however, we are now seeing an earlier onset of Alzheimer's which may be due to poor diets.

Alzheimer's is predicted to affect 1 in 85 people worldwide by 2050. In the United States, as many as 5.3 million people are living with this progressive and very fatal brain disorder.(5*) 

Alzheimer's dementia destroys brain cells, hampering the patient's ability to make critical judgments and carry out normal daily functions. As Alzheimer's dementia progresses, a patient may exhibit changes in personality as well as signs of anxiety, depression, agitation, delusion, and hallucinations.(6*)   Alzheimer's dementia is now the seventh leading cause of death in the United States.(7*)

Alzheimer's Disease Symptoms(8*), (9*), (10*)

The progression of Alzheimer's Disease varies among patients, but there are common symptoms. These include confusion, changes in personality, inability to retain information, irritability and aggression, language difficulties, mood swings, and problems with attention and spatial orientation. During the early stages, Alzheimer's Disease symptoms may not be apparent to the patient, family or even health professionals.

As Alzheimer's Disease advances, symptoms may include long-term memory loss and general withdrawal from social activities by the patient as their senses decline. Bodily functions are gradually lost, so the patient becomes completely dependent, and ultimately death will occur. The prognosis of Alzheimer's is difficult to assess because the duration of the disease differs among individuals. Alzheimer's develops for an indefinite period before symptoms become fully apparent.

The average life expectancy is eight to ten years after Alzheimer's diagnosis, but in some cases, the disease can last up to 20 years. However, less than three percent of patients live more than fourteen years after diagnosis.(11*)


Traditional Conventional Alzheimer's Disease Options

Once the presence of Alzheimer's Disease is suspected, the diagnosis is typically confirmed through cognitive tests and behavioral assessments. A CT scan or MRI can also be performed. To date, the exact cause and progression of Alzheimer's Disease remains vague, but recent research and studies reveal that it is related to the development of plaques and tangles in the brain.(12*)

Regulatory agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) have approved four types of medications to address the cognitive symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease.(13*) Three are acetylcholinesterase inhibitors while the other is a NMDA receptor antagonist.

Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors(14*) commonly prescribed for mild to moderate Alzheimer's Disease has been shown to be somewhat effective in addressing moderate to severe cases of Alzheimer's.(15*) 


Breakthrough Medical Research Completed At The Institute Of Brain Health Sciences Have Revealed A Major Breakthrough Discovery About Alzheimer’s

Since the beginning of time, we have eaten basic, raw, unprocessed foods to fuel our bodies as you would fuel your car with gasoline. Fuel such as cereals, fruit, grasses, herbs, nuts, roots, seeds, vegetables, and water. However, in the last 100 years, we have introduced our bodies to biscuits, candy, chocolate, pop, chips, fats & oils, sugars, sweets, refined and processed fast foods, cigarettes, pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives.

Corresponding with these dietary changes; there has been an alarming acceleration of chronic conditions such as cancer, cholesterol, diabetesobesity, in addition to Alzheimer's. These illnesses were not known to us just 100 years earlier. Academically, medically and scientifically, it has been demonstrated and documented that a significant number of the diseases are directly related to the processed foods we consume. (16*), (17*), (18*)


Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops With Bioavailable Coral Calcium For Alzheimer's

The overlooked truth about Alzheimer's - and many other modern diseases - is that it's infinitely most important to pay attention to what you put inside your body. Proper nutrition will enhance your immune system enabling your body to cleanse itself and begin the healing process.

Think about this - -  A faucet has been left on for hours and is rapidly flooding the rest of the house.  WOULD YOU:

(a) Turn off the faucet and begin mopping up the water from the floor.


(b) Do nothing with the faucet and start mopping up the floor while the water is still running?

Naturally, (a) is the correct answer and let us explain how this answer relates to reversing your Alzheimer’s.


Body and Mind Support The Natural Way

Your body can restore every wound, diseased organ or damaged cell that it needs to – but to do it, you need to stop polluting it.(19*)

Proper diet,(20*) exercise, rest, relaxation and supplementation with Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops with Bioavailable Coral Calcium may put you on the right path to better health.

Research has shown that the learning and memory functions affected by Alzheimer’s are caused by a gene malfunction and bacterial damage(21*) that is the result of free radicals, which causes damage at the molecular level to all areas of the body—even the brain.(22*)

It’s entirely possible free radicals may destroy DNA that creates a gene product required for neuronal health. This altered gene product may result in the “plaques and tangles” indicative of Alzheimer’s.(23*)

Bringing your body’s pH into a more alkaline range activates its cellular repair mechanisms. The process lowers the overall inflammation in the body and resources that would be taken up battling inflammation can be used to repair other parts of the body.(24*) In effect, alkalinity decreases the workload of your body’s repair mechanisms.

Another effect of alkalinity is that it allows water to enter cells better (perhaps due to its slightly different charge than the more acidic water molecules), which means your body becomes “super-hydrated.” Therefore, stopping your body from leaching calcium from your bones. 

Why calcium? Because it’s a base and bases, neutralize acids.(25*) You can probably see the problem with this mechanism already; it’s fine for short-term acidification, but chronic acidification will slowly deteriorate bones and gums.

So, how does this link to Alzheimer’s disease? Again, it has to do with stressing your body’s resources. If your body's resources are busy fighting acidification and inflammation, those cellular repair mechanisms will not get a chance to heal the problems that can become a real danger if they are neglected for too long.

The bioavailable coral calcium in our Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops may assist in restoring any calcium you may have lost in your bones, teeth or cells. Calcium is instrumental in cell signaling and is required for many biochemical reactions.


Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops Also Contains

Iridium increases the number of other trace minerals (including platinum). This results in increased energy and decreased fatigue.

Those who eat a highly processed diet may be deficient in Iridium.(26*) Iridium is also thought to help with neural functioning which may help to enhance memory and cognitive abilities.(27*)

Iron is an essential trace mineral required for the proper formation of hemoglobin in the body. Without hemoglobin, the body is unable to use the oxygen breathed in by the lungs. Iron is required for normal cellular activity as well as the formation of various connective tissues. Low iron levels have been linked to fatigue, low oxygen levels in the blood, poor immune, and brain function.

Manganese is an essential mineral required for the formation of tissue and bone. Manganese is essential for glucose utilization, lipid synthesis, and metabolism. Manganese helps to metabolize cholesterol and helps with proper pancreatic function and development.

Silicon is used to address Alzheimer's disease. It can enhance healing of the skin and formation of the connective tissues of the body.  


Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops With Bioavailable Coral Calcium & Our Freeze Dried Nopal Powder Capsules
A Powerful Combination For Your Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s disease is often characterized by altered cognition: forgetfulness, confusion, and lethargy. Combining the anti-inflammatory and biochemical optimization properties of our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Nopal Powder Capsules (Prickly Pear) with our Natural Home Cures Pure Alkaline Water Drops with Bioavailable Coral Calcium may result in improved mental and cognitive performance.

Our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Nopal Powder Capsules (Prickly Pear) not only contains betalains but also contains iron and sodium. Iron regulates blood oxygen saturation while sodium is used in the course of cellular functioning (this include the cells that make up neural tissue).

B6 has shown promise in slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s while the two acid compounds are precursors to aspartate and glutamate—two amino acids that studies have found to be deficient in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

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